music player (work in progress) for Mac OS by
Aleksander Skakun
[very early prototype]
33MB  -  7Z archive  -  Mac OS 10.10+
Built within 3 principles:
Show needed, hide unneeded. Don't hide 'sometimes needed' too deep.

I always need to see:

- now playing artist and title

Sometimes I really need to:

- see the list of playlists

- see the waveform to jump to specific moment

- switch on 'repeat one track'

- check the bitrate or sample rate

I need about once per player's lifetime:

- setup the equalizer

Ninja Style
Appear silently, do the job insensibly, disappear immediately.

I prefer when music player doesn't:

- ask for registration before start

- ask to setup it first before using

- push me to buy a premium version

- make me name the newly created playlist

- ask to save the newly created playlist

- autoscroll long lines of text (running line)

- ask for confirmation before quit

Balanced functionality
Do what I expect to be done, don't do what I don't need at all.

I never use:

- shuffle

- 'no repeat' function

- visualization

- cover art